Community Services

Vision Statement

It is our vision to empower the Alamo Community to work together towards self-sufficiency in the world of work.


Mission Statement

To educate, counsel, train, encourage, and empower the Alamo Community towards self-sufficiency in the world of work and to work toward improving their daily life by learning to read, write, speak English, and compute mathematical problems.


Community Services Advisory Council


What is an Advisory Council?

An Advisory Council is an educational partnership among local business, community, and educational representatives to advocate local efforts, to improve academic achievement, career development and employment opportunities for adult learners of the Alamo Community.  This partnership is a forum in which everyone has a stake in student success.  It is a positive pathway to improve collaboration, cooperation, coordination, and communication within the ANSBI organization, the Alamo community, educational and business partners, workforce connection centers, tribal entities, surrounding industry, and any interested party who has an invested interest in the educational and economic growth and development of the Alamo community.


Roles of the Community Services Advisory Council is to:

  •     Be a sounding board for the planning and implementation of services offered by the various programs under Community Services
  •    Be supportive of program planning, needs assessment, evaluation, recruitment strategies (local businesses, agencies, etc.) and retention
  •     Give stakeholders an opportunity to express their perspective on program strengths and needs
  •    Give input on educational and training preparation for future economic development projects at the local, county, regional, and tribal areas

Program staff to present program overviews on current status, expectations, and challenges:


  •     Alamo Adult Basic Education (ABE) and GED program
  •     Native American Career and Technical education Program
  •     Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) Programs
  •     Workforce Investment Act Section 166
  •    New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)
  •     Literacy Issues





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Board Members

Vision Statement:

 “It is the Vision of the Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc., that Alamo community members will attain physical, spiritual and emotional well-being; community and individual self-sufficiency; and realize harmony between tradition, cultural values, and the mainstream environment.”

 Mission Statement:

 “It is the Mission of the Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc., to provide the resources and services necessary to empower community members to attain good health and self-sufficiency through excellence in education.  ANSB, Inc., will carry out its mission in the spirit of Indian Self-Determination and local decision making in the planning and administration of its programs.”

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