The policy council currently consists of an eleven-member board, which includes four parent representatives from Head Start, three parent representatives from Early Head Start one of which represents the Home-base portion of the program. Community Representatives come from the Alamo Navajo Chapter, Alamo Community School, Alamo Health Services and FACE program.  In order to help facilitate the policy council meetings and trainings, the Division receptionist and Education Coordinator works with the policy council parents to encourage and empower them in their roles. The Governing Board and Policy Council have established by laws, policies and procedures for shared decision-making.  An internal conflict resolution policy is in place that has been reviewed and approved by both the governing board and the policy council.



Standard from Head Start citing the Governance Performance Standard

 Text Box: Guiding Principles

As staff members of the Alamo Navajo Early Childhood Center our work with children and families will be based on the following principles:


1.        To be willing to forgive and forget and appreciate each other. 

2.        To see the strengths in the families we serve. 

3.        To be trustworthy and honest.  

4.        To be able to promote a positive atmosphere in the programs, we need to be more open and accountable for our actions. 

5.        To communicate with children, families, staff, and community.

6.        To support each other and work as a team; sharing and taking responsibility.

7.        To build positive relationships, through, open communication.

8.        To be supportive of families.




§ 1304.50 Program governance.                                     


(a)     Policy Council, Policy

(b)      Committee,

and Parent Committee

 structure. (1)

Grantee and delegate agencies

 must establish

and maintain a formal structure

of shared governance through

which parents can participate

in policymaking or in other

decisions about the program.









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Board Members

Vision Statement:

 “It is the Vision of the Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc., that Alamo community members will attain physical, spiritual and emotional well-being; community and individual self-sufficiency; and realize harmony between tradition, cultural values, and the mainstream environment.”

 Mission Statement:

 “It is the Mission of the Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc., to provide the resources and services necessary to empower community members to attain good health and self-sufficiency through excellence in education.  ANSB, Inc., will carry out its mission in the spirit of Indian Self-Determination and local decision making in the planning and administration of its programs.”

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